Biennial Chicory Convention on 27, 28 and 29 September this year in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands

July 2018

This year marks the 24th Biennial Chicory Convention, the premier event that has become a high point of the chicory sector every two years.

This year the Netherlands is pleased to welcome international guests. The theme of the symposium on Friday, 28 September is “Chicory to 2030”, which will take place in Etten-Leur. 

What awaits the chicory industry in the year 2030? And what topics will play an important role in the future of chicory? 

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See you there!
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Interesting article about the International Dutch Horticultural Export Industry. (In English and Arabic)

August 2016

Important information for growers, investors and innovators in horticulture.
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After a slow start, sowing completed on time

June 2016

After a mild, wet winter and a rainy spring, we finally started making chicory ridges in May. Following a dry spell at the beginning of the month, we started sowing around 10 May. The early fields were all irrigated twice to obtain a good start. In mid-May we had a nice rainstorm: 25 mm cumulative over a whole day. That was good for the ridges that had already been made. After that, sowing went well. The temperature was good. The first plants came up in 3-4 days. A single irrigation was usually enough. At the end of May the last ridges were made and on 6 June the last field was sown. The latest fields were irrigated twice regularly for a good start. Now, end of June, growth is good. Some parts of the Noordoostpolder have had a lot of rain. Fortunately it did not affect our chicory fields. In the drier areas, the first fields have been weeded.

Forming ridges with the new machine

April 2016

The harvesting season is coming soon now

Flevolof introduces a new innovative way of making ridges.

Witloof-Chicory continue growing despite drought

Red Chicory roots are growing well

Advertising signs in chicory fields in Flevoland

Movie about Flevolof overseas export activities

Flevolof promotes Witloof-Chicory roots on truck

Floriade 2022 in Almere (Flevoland)