International projects

Flevolof has developed a special concept for areas where the cultivation and consumption of witloof-chicory is still unknown. Flevolof supplies its own cultivation expertise, experience, skill, plant material and cultivation equipment and works with a group of Dutch witloof-chicory specialists. All these specialists are market leaders in the Netherlands and beyond. 

A team of experts with international knowledge and experience in the areas of:

  • Witloof-chicory cultivars for different seasons and uses
  • Inspecting and adapting or designing and constructing buildings
  • Designing, building and installing hydroponic systems
  • Calculating and installing climate control and air treatment
  • Growing, harvesting and packing witloof-chicory heads
  • Harvest systems and material handling solutions
  • Packing machines and -materials
The most important local conditions for a successful project are:
  • Availability of clean water and energy supply
  • An insulated building with level floor, wide doors and sufficient height
  • Experienced management and sufficient labour force
  • Beginning demand for chicory in food service, hotels, fine dining or retail
  • Refrigerated transport and storage facilities
  • Own contribution to finance investments and working capital
Why set up a witloof-chicory project?
  • Relatively small investment, quick ROI and good profit margins
  • Sustainable year-round cultivation of a delicious, wholesome, fresh leafy vegetable
  • Financing and subsidy possibilities in many countries
  • Innovative, sustainable non-land-dependent cultivation -even in and around big cities
  • Jobs and development opportunities for those with little education
  • Good opportunities for market and product development
Flevolof supplies the witloof-chicory roots and the growing trays and singling grids. Together with the market leaders (see above), Flevolof can offer the total package for a successful project. Flevolof has a great deal of experience with witloof-chicory production and is the authoritative information source for international clients and for farms in The Netherlands. 
We would like to talk with you about your possibilities and look at the feasibility of your plans. The three most important test criteria are financial, technical and commercial potential. 
Contact us to ask about the possibility of growing witloof-chicory.